Desktop Version
- Lots and lots of new visual improvements and assets
- Added a usable DSLR camera
- Added photo related objectives and unlockables
- New stylised menu with fast travel and detailed video options
- Revamped rain alternate map, included in the main game
- Updated soundtrack (streamed from soundcloud in-game)
- Some extra secret unlockables
- many more miscellaneous tweaks and changes

VR Version
- Everything mentioned above
- Added support for WMR and Valve Index
- VR exclusive "Hand Framing" screenshot mode
- a HUGE amount of performance optimisations
- Added extensive VR menu and options
- Improved UI and tutorials

 Download for free before it drops on steam for $4 next week!


Wakamarina Valley, 802 MB
May 03, 2020
Wakamarina Valley, NZ 803 MB
May 03, 2020

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Have not played yet but looks worth more than 4 dollars

That's subjective. A thing is worth what people are willing to pay for it, and in the case of indie and mobile games a lot of people are hesitant to pay anything - thus the epidemic of broken 'freemium' games lately.

It is a challenge to overcome that psychological barrier of convincing people to pay for something. Especially in my case on, I have made an absurd amount of material available for a ridiculous pricing level during sales, like this Memorial Day sale (May 22-26, 2020) I have a ton of assets for game devs bundled at 93% off, 1500+ texture maps, 120+ video elements, 75+ 3d assets... for under a dollar. And nobody is buying currently. Because of the whole social proof issue - no reviews or ratings kills trust. My profile on itch

$85 - amount I have spent so far promoting my shop

$450 - total cost of camera gear and materials for occasional stock video shoots since the first stuff from 2013.

Over 400 hours put into making stock textures, video, and 3d assets. After that first 400 I sort of stopped counting.

$1900 - total amount spent so far on developing indie games I am trying very hard to launch this year.

1700+ hours poured into the gamedev stuff (projects) I have worked on that have teaser pages on itch. (That is only some of my gamedev work, however, there have been many defunct, failed or financially unsuccessful but nonetheless launched projects.)

10,000+ - total number of page views on my itch profile and projects. I continue to promote this anywhere I can and I have many views but few buyers.

Sales volume I have achieved on itch is at about $40 total so far... So major loss margin so far, fewer than two dozen actual customers and ZERO reviews, ONE comment from a customer. I am financing a lot of the work with mTurk gigs that pay under half of minimum wage, or selling art on Etsy/eBay here and there.  I want to scrap the tedious gigs part, and do game development and creative work full time - but without customer ratings and an uptick in sales it will continue to be an uphill battle. Oh well...

Sorry for griping and going on this rant, I know it doesn't help. But suffice it to say that people like you who would consider paying *above* $4 for great indie art like the stuff CavesRD makes? You are kind of an anomaly in today's market.

Thank you for the response, i would like to actually continue further conversation. If you have Discord, or can justify any other form of communication, that would be great as i have a few questions.

Celticz: My primary current email is, FYI. You can reach me there. 

Sorry, everyone else, for hijacking this page, I kind of did, and I apologize for that.

I too apologize

Argh... I have an iMac and only found AFTER I'd paid it's for Windows..

Is there /Can I have an iMac version?

there are no mac versions sorry! you can contact support if you'd like a refund

i absolutely love these environments.

Nice! Very glad this got its well-deserved update!