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explore the rain map a bit more

you guys ROCK

I've checked out the rain map pretty thoroughly, but I still can't seem to find the drone. I re downloaded and played through again, but I still can't find it. am I stupid, or is there something I need to do after I get the rain map...?

ope i got it. sequence was just confusing me.

looks cool  realistic!!!

Could you make it downloadable through the app?

it doesn't already work?



Works now.

Beautiful but contractionary

what do you mean

Very dark athmosperic

I just tried the NZ VR and it runs at only a few FPS. I noticed that my GPU usage peaked at only 4% during this time. I have a 1070ti and can run games like HL:A just fine, so I don't know why it runs so slow.

It doesn't look like it is using my GPU. Is there some debug log or some other way to see whats going on?

what headset are you using? I get this issue when the game window isn't selected, but otherwise it should work fine

Rift S. I tried messing with window selection but it didn't do much. It launches full screen then shrinks down to a smaller window. I noticed that guardian isn't working when it runs either.

sounds like it's something on your end, I haven't heard this issue from anyone else

Are there logs produced by your engine that I could look into?

unfortnatley not with the packaged version of the game. the fact that guardian isn't working also makes me think it's not part of the game, make sure you have checked 'enable unknown sources' in oculus settings and have all the unreal engine prerequisite files installed

Hey Matt! Just finished the remastered version and its amazing. Thank you for the small secret at the very end, wish I got more time in it though. Love the new camera too :)  -@Jakekvdron

glad you liked it! thanks for playing


could i use the scene for a scary game i want to make


Yeah! very beautiful


it's amazing!!!I really love this series!! and I will await for more excellent works!


Hey Matt: Just paid a bit over $1 for the rainy version. This stuff's great, you've done a great job with the 'virtual travel' niche and at the perfect time (while we're all getting stir crazy due to coronavirus) and I wish you all the best with these virtual recreations of breathtaking outdoor scenes!

I'm doing some of the same sort of thing BTW - or trying to - with my fantasy game 'Miniature Multiverse' but I'm not quite done with that yet. 

I've got that and some stock media stuff [textures, 3d objects, video elements, etc] on sale right now via

Anyway, look forward to more from you in the future. Maybe what I spent here can help lead to future scenes and more of your stuff posted on Steam down the road? I know it's $100 and a fair bit of work, just to post a game on Steam so that's not super easy, but I appreciate that you managed to move the Kyoto and Iceland scenes there despite that barrier.

-Matthew L. Hornbostel.

does it work with the oculus quest

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not exclusively but it should work with link if you have a pc

Thank you very much for these projects. I just finished Mýrdalssandur. Awesome work! Do you plan to release this on Steam too (paid)? I would love to support you there :)

I haven't had much demand for it to be put on steam but I might do it soon!

This is the craziest graphics i have ever seen in my entire life! Keep up the great work!

how do you open the packs lol I feel like a noob!!!

- Download Winzip / Winrar / Hamster Zip.

- Select folder in file explorer, right mouse click on it and export/unzip to chosen destination.

- Go into the unzipped file and run the exe (it's what the game is, keep in mind that other folders have to be included in the same folder system, that's where all the codes are for the exe).

- it should start up directly.

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hey Matt! I really adore your work here and thus purchased the Rain version. It's beautiful, but you should take another look at the main paths. They slightly float above the ground, making it look really weird. Could you fix this? I would gladly wander around on the rainy map again, without those graphical errors. Thanks! :)

hey thanks for playing, unfortunatley with the way ue4 works I can only bend splines in certain directions, meaning if I adjust the road at one point then somewhere else it would stick up/be submerged in the ground. So it's not as simple as it looks, but once I finish with my newer projects maybe i'll come back to it

Does the VR mode support use of and Xbox controller? 

not currently! but it's on my to-do list

excited for more like this and your fushimi one. I love the fact that you have a rainy option for good ole nz.

happy you dig it, i'm legit working on 3 scenes right now so come back soon!

its so realistic to the point my gtx 650 was in denial with this game and its not running smooth enough lol.

hope you can upgrade someday man

i created an account just to say this game is amazing. even though it only runs at like 3 frames a second.

haha thanks I appreciate it, I hope you get the opportunity to upgrade your pc someday!

I know I'm late to the party but I really wanted to give my opinion on this game.

I loved that there were multiple choices for the lightning and the music. Most "exploration games" don't let the player customize their experience, but yours did! And I liked that I could also hear birds chirping, it added to the immersion.

I'm pretty stressed right now but I found your game very relaxing. Just walking around, exploring the area, taking a lot of screenshots because your game is so fucking gorgeous, etc. Honestly, for such a small map, I thought there was a lot to explore! I thought the grotto was a cool detail by the way.

In my opinion, your game deserves waaay more comments and recognition. I'm gonna stop here because it's getting super long and you probably don't have time for this lol, but I just want you to know that I absolutely loved this and that I'm definitely gonna play your Japan map.

Thank you!

dude seriously thanks so much for this comment. glad you stumbled upon my project and super happy you think about it in that way. also hope you enjoy the japan one 🤙🏻

Good god, this is stunning. You might want to add borders, or something so you can't fall through the map, though... lol. I loved this, though. I just wish there were even more to see.

sorry that happened to you lol, where did you happen to fall through? If I can reproduce this then I can probably fix it in an update. and yeah I wish it was bigger too, when i finished it I just felt like I couldn’t work on it anymore. you should play my japan map though it’s like three times the size!

I loved this recreation so I featured it in my latest list. I checked out your site and you do wonderful environmental work with these scenes. I hope you get more recognition for it. Maybe hook up with tourism and travel agencies. Your scenes would get people excited about visiting new parts of the world! I'm interested in seeing how you transfer this kind of photorealistic work into more of a gameified setting if that ever ends up being a focus. Either way, keep doing what you're doing and good luck with any new projects you tackle down the line!

wow thank you,, seriously don’t think i deserve the amount of praise you gave me in your video, i’m flattered. this kind of feedback really keeps me going, thank you so much for the support. and yes those are some great ideas! I’m hoping to lean into making more structured games, while still allowing the map to feel large and open. also keep the videos coming! i’m subbed and exited to find more indie games through your channel

You're very welcome and thanks so much for stopping by to check out my channel! 

Is it normal to take 1hr to download?

I've heard has some issues like that sometimes. if it's not working try again later

dude this fucking engine is so fucking good. pls Make more

thanks man, more is on the way!

Dude, this is amazing! The focus-effect when you look at something and other things get blurry makes it so realistic! One thing: When I was walking in the fence, I somehow clipped through and fell out of bounds... But  besides from that, great experience!

thanks man glad you enjoyed it! i’ll be uploading a game patch soon so i’ll try and fix it, can you describe exactly where you clipped? did you fall through the floor?

Yes, I fell through the floor. If you stand at the fence, looking at the field, and then following the fence to the right, walking into the forest and holding W.

Can you make a version of the game for Mac?

I can, but I imagine on most mac's it won't run very well, maybe not even worth playing. but if there's enough demand i'll look into it

Thanks for the reply

Incredible work! Unless you plan on using a VM, you'll need a mac to package it for MacOS. If you want, I can profile it and perform a quick optimization pass (if needed) and package it for you. I would be benchmarking it on a macbook pro (32GB ram & Radeon Pro Vega 20). 


thanks man, for now i’m going to prioritise linux and a steam release, but i’ll let you know if I need your help


Love it, I just need infos… How can I change the scene ? I only can play the game but I want to modify some things with UE4, thx sir :)

it's a packaged project, like a game release. it runs by itself and can't be opened by the ue4 editor

think he might mean the 'dream' mode in the free,  clear scene is greyed out? I've downloaded and installed the rain mod but it tells me it isn't installed unless I run it seperately.

Is there a way I need to have the files in specific folders?

i'm reeeally curious about thee 'dream' mode. I absolutely adore this. Am in a wheelchair, so exploring the wilderrness is nigh-on-impossible for me. so happy for things like this.

hey! I think this guy is talking about the ability to modify the game using the ue4 editor. without spoiling too much, the 'dream' mode is greyed out at the start but you can unlock it by discovering a specific place on the map. this spot is slightly hidden but shouldn't be too hard to find! and yes you're right, the rain mode just acts as a separate game.
I'm super happy that you can enjoy the game in that way! I've got a new project i'm working on that's set in japan, it should be out in a few weeks but if you email me I can send you an unfinished version to try early :)


turn a game like this into VR & turn most vacation destinations like this into VR where u can just enjoy nature & the beach at ur own leisure & thats how u start a downwards trend in airlines & travelling for sightseeing in general

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I think if anything, it would be an upwards trend. like if someone experiences these things in vr then they might take initiative and want to go and see the real place.

(1 edit) (+1)

Unbelievable! Went through the free version, hope to see you expand on this!!!

thank you! I'm working on a japan project that's three times the size, it should be out in the next two weeks :)


Is there an actual ending or is this just a really, really good walking simulator?

just a walking simulator, there is one hidden area for the player to discover and some nice viewpoints, but that's it. I wouldn't even call this a game really,  just a short exploration experience, or something like that

Truly amazing! I used this to test out my new GPU but ended up messing around with this for an hour or so, this made me want to explore every bit of this small location! Love it!

thank you! glad you enjoyed exploring, and hopefully it runs well on your new gpu

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This is amazing! I can run this perfectly on my PC. It's Beautiflul! I can't wait to try the paid version.

ah thank you! hope you enjoy that version too

how do you make soo much foliage and stil have good frames do you build it up in layers streaming volums ?

I do have some streaming volumes set up but it's a combination of everything, low poly lod's, low res textures, etc. I sacrifice a fair amount of detail just because I love having lots of foliage everywhere to make it realistic. hope this helps duu

check out my gameplay if youd like? :D

hell yeah thanks for playing/uploading! also now I know what issues to work on

My god you really caught the affect of New Zealand, it really does feel like home all over again, I recommend anyone to head to rangiora if you wanted to live down ere, and if you want to catch somewhere like this. Just head to Ashley Gorge, wonderful place. Thanks for the amazing game, makes me feel nostalgic when I see this.

man these comments make me so happy, thanks so much! I was worrying because I couldn't make the plants and assets super accurate but i'm glad you could still recognize the atmosphere. It's based on the nelson/havelock area on the south island if you've ever been there. thanks for playing!

JESUS, how long did it take to make this ?

about 2 months!

yeah, its actually amazing. one problem i have though is that its quite blurry by default but other than that it very well made!

yeah I agree, that's on purpose just so the game starts at a good framerate even for people with lower-spec pc's. you can change it after though, what kind of framerate did you get at what resolution?

pretty much 60fps all the time at max settings

oh that's good to hear! i'd love to see my own game like that lol

Deleted post

thank you! you should it's great

thats a high spec to play it.... and i cant get those 30 fps i think. may i republish your trailer video? (of course i will promote your channel and this game) i just want people to feel this one

I don't think these specs are high by recent standards
and yeah that's fine! where will you republish it?

i dont really know about that cause my friend still got i3 and below XD

in my youtube channel :D

Nice looks just like new zealand!

thank you sir

This is absolutely amazing ! 

Would you consider making environments on demand ? I'm working on the history of a little island in France and would love to propose a virtual walk on this island as it was 150 years ago. 


Thank you! yes this is the exact type of thing i'd love to do eventually, unfortunately it's just me building these scenes and i'm always behind on my classes at uni. It's definitely one of my goals to assemble a team and recreate places such as that, maybe in the future

Lovely ! 

So, keep me posted about your future avaibilities :)

sure! if you want to chat more about it shoot me an email

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