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With this project I attempted to recreate an area in New Zealand that I'd been to a few years ago, using photos I took as a visual reference. The scene is explorable from a first person perspective, with an expansive map that allows for some scenic viewpoints and hidden areas.

This game has an important focus on atmospheric exploration and immersion. Use the game menus to customize the scene's lighting and switch between your choice of soundtrack. Dim the lights in your room, turn up the volume and explore the scene at your own pace. This game can be fully explored in about 20 minutes or more.

- Overcast/Rainy Weather alternate map ($2) -
Donating $2 or more will give you access to a rebuilt version of the scene in wet weather, allowing a different feel/atmosphere. I created this after the full version of the game was built, and was surprised at how well the lighting/rain work with all the elements in the scene. I'd almost consider this the definitive way to experience the game, thanks in advance if you choose to try this out!

Thanks so much for playing/downloading!
I made this entire project on my own in unreal engine 4 with borrowed assets from various sources, including the Unreal Marketplace and Quixel Megascans. 

If you can't donate, checking out my socials helps just as much. also it'd be great to hear feedback if you have any!
follow me @cavesrd on instagram for info about new scenes
scene showcases and music on youtube 
contact info and everything else on my website

check out my previous explorable scene!

I built this scene on a mid range pc and achieve around 30fps.
My specs:
2GB AMD Graphics
Intel i5 3.2GHz
Windows 10 64bit


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New Zealand.zip 1,010 MB
New Zealand Rain.zip 1,003 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more


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Is there an actual ending or is this just a really, really good walking simulator?

just a walking simulator, there is one hidden area for the player to discover and some nice viewpoints, but that's it. I wouldn't even call this a game really,  just a short exploration experience, or something like that

Truly amazing! I used this to test out my new GPU but ended up messing around with this for an hour or so, this made me want to explore every bit of this small location! Love it!

thank you! glad you enjoyed exploring, and hopefully it runs well on your new gpu

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This is amazing! I can run this perfectly on my PC. It's Beautiflul! I can't wait to try the paid version.

ah thank you! hope you enjoy that version too

how do you make soo much foliage and stil have good frames do you build it up in layers streaming volums ?

I do have some streaming volumes set up but it's a combination of everything, low poly lod's, low res textures, etc. I sacrifice a fair amount of detail just because I love having lots of foliage everywhere to make it realistic. hope this helps duu

check out my gameplay if youd like? :D

hell yeah thanks for playing/uploading! also now I know what issues to work on

My god you really caught the affect of New Zealand, it really does feel like home all over again, I recommend anyone to head to rangiora if you wanted to live down ere, and if you want to catch somewhere like this. Just head to Ashley Gorge, wonderful place. Thanks for the amazing game, makes me feel nostalgic when I see this.

man these comments make me so happy, thanks so much! I was worrying because I couldn't make the plants and assets super accurate but i'm glad you could still recognize the atmosphere. It's based on the nelson/havelock area on the south island if you've ever been there. thanks for playing!

JESUS, how long did it take to make this ?

about 2 months!

yeah, its actually amazing. one problem i have though is that its quite blurry by default but other than that it very well made!

yeah I agree, that's on purpose just so the game starts at a good framerate even for people with lower-spec pc's. you can change it after though, what kind of framerate did you get at what resolution?

pretty much 60fps all the time at max settings

oh that's good to hear! i'd love to see my own game like that lol

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Absolutely beautiful. Now i want to visit New Zealand.

thank you! you should it's great

thats a high spec to play it.... and i cant get those 30 fps i think. may i republish your trailer video? (of course i will promote your channel and this game) i just want people to feel this one

I don't think these specs are high by recent standards
and yeah that's fine! where will you republish it?

i dont really know about that cause my friend still got i3 and below XD

in my youtube channel :D

Nice looks just like new zealand!

thank you sir

This is absolutely amazing ! 

Would you consider making environments on demand ? I'm working on the history of a little island in France and would love to propose a virtual walk on this island as it was 150 years ago. 


Thank you! yes this is the exact type of thing i'd love to do eventually, unfortunately it's just me building these scenes and i'm always behind on my classes at uni. It's definitely one of my goals to assemble a team and recreate places such as that, maybe in the future

Lovely ! 

So, keep me posted about your future avaibilities :)

sure! if you want to chat more about it shoot me an email mattcvsrd@gmail.com

This was absolutely wonderful! Only have the free version, but thank you for making this, it is really amazing and relaxing.

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oh man thanks so much for playing, glad i could help you in that way. dm me and i'll send a link to the rain map for free