hotfix 1

Full List of changes:
- boat: added designated locations where you can exit the boat
- boat: fixed reverse controls
- boat: fixed bugged adjustments
- boat: removed snow fading in and out
- bike: added camera shake
- bike: fixed white screen softlock
- bike: fixed first person getting stuck upon exiting
- bike: updated respawn location so it won't send you all the way back to the start
- bike: made thinner to avoid collisions
- bike: made turning input less strong at high speeds
- drone/bike/filmcamera: fixed control reference not dissapearing
- drone: fixed aspect ratio adjustments, they should now scale correctly
- drone: fixed an issue when the drone would get stuck when launching
- improved map collision
- fixed alignment of some stones and walls
- fixed stairs near hotel
- fixed mouse cursor appearing during cutscene
- fixed some of the objective photo angles
- prevented bell ringing multiple times from the same photo
- made the secret path a bit more hidden
- extended duration of tutorial popups


Lago di Braies Open 1 GB
May 06, 2021

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