VR 1.0 Release!

The full 1.0 Version of Fushimi Inari VR is now out.
- Now includes a fully functional DSLR camera with zoom/focal length control
- Optimised menu with video settings, customise the game for your own rig
- Camera Screenshots are now saved as .png images on your pc
- Spectator Screen optimisations, toggle between the camera's photo feed and VR view

Also look out for the game's release on steam in a few days.


Fushimi Inari VR.zip 743 MB
Aug 16, 2019

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Do you have the ability to generate a steam key for those who have purchased the VR version through Itch.io

I'm not sure i'll have to look into it. but for now I can give out keys individually

Would you be willing to give me one?
My email is ahranov@vols.utk.edu

I've just requested the keys i'll send one to you when they arrive!

Thank You <3