New Camera Features, Visual Revamp

Desktop Changes
- DSLR camera with zoom, auto focus, image adjustment, portrait mode and filters
- Visual Improvements; view distance extension, shadow draw distance extension, new foliage assets to make everything more lush
- Performance improvements
- Full Controller Menu support
- Added custom capture resolution option to menu, as well as some other things

VR Changes
- Everything Mentioned above
- DSLR shooting mode is now out of beta and runs without hitches, compatible with all headsets
- Fixed some navigation issues (you won't get stuck under the map)
- Output photo colour overhaul (.png's will look less washed out)
- Added headset-based joystick movement option
- Extended max view distance setting to 2.0

Thanks to everyone for supporting the game, I'm looking forward to extending some of the areas in this game once I have more time. As always, please let me know about any bugs you find:



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Well then, I know how I'm spending the afternoon!



Enjoying Fushimi Inari (I visited your simulation yesterday btw.). It's really similar to original (and I love this location near Kyoto). I'll write an essay about your game one day.

thank you!