22nd March - Complete VR Overhaul

Sorry the VR version of this game wasn't in a better state when I released it, building vr compatibility was a huge initial struggle because of my lack of experience and I ran into so many problems that I didn't expect. Now that i've had much more time (and thanks to the reddit VR community)  I've spent time addressing all the headset compatibility issues and other problems that held the experience back. The new VR template that I've used (that I had built for the iceland game) includes a weath of new additions such as:

- Added alternate autumn scene (upon completing the game)
- Added WMR compatibility
- Added complete menu access and video performance options for headsets using steam VR
- Performance improvements across the board
- New hand framing photo mode for all headsets
- More comprehensive tutorials
- Animated hands
and plenty of other minor improvements.
* also sorry that some of the trees will be billboards! still working on those

Thanks for sticking with me! also I'll be putting up a free sale of this game for the next couple of days for those who haven't grabbed it yet.


Fushimi Inari VR.zip 796 MB
Mar 22, 2020

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Fantastic update. VR photowalks are perfect during this time of social distancing and social isolation.

Sometimes the DSLR seems to focus on invisible player boundaries rather than the object visible in the centre of the frame. For example, at the green pond, follow and stay close to the fence round to the left, then try to take a photo of the trees overhanging the pond. Its a minor issue, but makes it feel you're using a faulty camera haha.

Also a small suggestion, could you allow portrait photography? This would make it much easier to line up compositions for sharing on social media, like instagram stories etc.

Keep up the great work! Are you working on any other locations at the moment?

glad you're enjoying it! I'll fix the camera focus issue when I get time, and yes I would also love a way to take portrait phots so i'll think about it! yes I have several in the works, you can see a couple of them on my instagram @cavesrd

Awesome! My headset now works, and it looks amazing, thanks a lot.


dude thats so good to hear, you're welcome!

How do you make such good environments? Do you use photoscanning? What do you use to scan?


I get most of my assets from quixel megascans and the unreal engine marketplace

Awesome, looks like I need to investigate Quixel more then. I like Mixer, but haven't used anything else.