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Simply Brilliant. I literally loved the whole experience from start to end. The Camera UI was a nice touch . Recreating the place to this extent cannot be easy at all. Wonderful Work mate.


that’s super nice of you to say man. thank you


Looks absolutely amazing. Love the atmosphere you achieved here, and appreciate the work that went into recreating this beautiful place. 

I always like things like this that immerse you in a compelling and well-realized setting. I am trying to do the same sort of thing with a lot of my currently ongoing projects such as 'Miniature Multiverse' which has some fairly easy puzzles and a bit of story but mostly is just my attempt to allow players to explore interesting imaginative game worlds! 


thank you man! just checked out your project and I like the words you've written, it's a nice idea! can take so long to put those kinds of things together tho

Yeah. No kidding. Making a series of immersive and substantial 3d spaces, with VR support even, like what you've done, must have been a ton of work. But the result's impressive.

Does the VR version work with the vive wand controllers?

it does, and you can still explore, but there's some limited functionality with controls because I haven't been able to test it properly.

hey man any plans to expand this or cover more japanese landmarks, love it.


probably won't expand on this because it feels complete enough to me. and yes I'm considering some other locations, and maybe switching up the season. not sure what the next project will be though

I visited Fushimi Inari many times, and it is always packed with tourist. The atmosphere in this game let me feel the ideal Fushimi Inari. Next time, do Arashiyama bamboo forest or Ginkakuji philosopher's path during sakura peak. This is exciting.


glad you could recognise the atmosphere! yeah these are all on the table 👍🏻

Hey i wanted to know where the photos that i clicked with in-game camera is saved too?

it should be in the in game menu, under the info section. but I believe it’s c:/user/appdata/local/fushimiinari?

cool thanks. but beautiful work, its eye candy for me ;)

Wonderful experience


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