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It won't let you download the VR version via client when you claim it for free.

I don't know why it does that, fixed now


I love the idea of wandering through this nice setting. I just had one question. I've bought the VR DLC on Steam but I feel like everything is a bit blurry and trees are rendering their low quality from way too close. Is this expected behavior or am I doing something wrong. I also can't seem to find the menu in which I can change settings while in VR.


so the vr version of this game is a bit outdated and doesn't include a settings menu for non-oculus headsets. I'm planning on updating it really soon with the VR template from the iceland game which will come with a whole bunch of fixes

That's great to hear. Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to it! :)

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hello, lovely app. I found it on Steam but then got the standalone for putting on my offline laptop. Is there a way to add some graphics settings? Presets are functional but don't allow me to fix problems like film grain, everything becoming low contrast, desaturated, and hard to see when in the valleys - even the sky goes dark blue like I have a welder's mask on. It takes away  the virid tone until I leave the area.

edit: also can you recommend a program to replace music with? I see it's all stored as a big .pak archive but I'm not sure if things need to be decompressed and repacked

I added and darkness/desaturation to some parts of the map for variance, you can't really remove it at this point. also if you pause the music you can play whatever you like in the background, it just can't be done through the game

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Unfortunately I cannot get this to work in WMR (Steam version) even though a review on Steam said it would work without issues :-(

I'll have to wait until Matt applies the VR fixes, as the Iceland experience is perfect in WMR

yes I plan on updating this game with the new VR template very soon! thanks for being patient

First of all, this is awesome, your work is amazing. I do have one question, do the photos you take in game get saved anywhere, or is it just for fun?


they are saved in appdata/local/fushimiinari ! and thanks for the kind words

i dont know why but it just something about this game that make me feel like so wholesome thanks for making it

you're very welcome


Not to sound like emotional or anything but I played this and almost cried like I love this


This game is amazing!!!! It would be super cool if you added a "walking" feature too so gameplay can feel really immersive if that's possible. It felt like I was moving through the scenes too fast. Of course, I could've just stopped but slow walking through the scenery while "looking around" would be amazing

this is a good idea, you can always use a controller if you want to walk more slowly!

Hey, I really liked the game, it seems like a really accurate recreation of everything!

Though I have 2 things to "add":

Please, make it possible to sneak, it would add so many new opportunities for photos!

plus, please add a camera zoom! I don't know if its already in the game, but mouse wheel didn't change anything I noticed (maybe I'm just blind). But thats all! Great experience, thank you!!

thanks for the suggestions! I agree, maybe i'll put them in the next one

I was going to suggest this, thats awesome to hear!

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I love the game, and I've looked for this, but what are the "shrines" spoken of? I've been looking for the Plaque for days. The only shrine I can see is the one at the summit?

If you go to an area of the forest with a small river and a row of shrines that seem inaccessible, look around for a bit and you'll find a way through. according to the survey I did, 40% of people were able to find it on their first playthrough 


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i am having a problem with the rift s it is a graphics problem where the graphics are just black dots all around me please help my card meets the min specs but it still wont go away. i cant find anything else on this either 

haven’t heard of this before, can you email me some screenshots?

i will today

Did u end up finding a fix for that? I've had this problem for a really long time.

this guy never emailed me unfortunatley, and it's really hard to test and change things without owning a rift s myself.  if you have time to send your own screenshots that would be helpful :)

Oh, alright, I'm actually using the CV1 Rift not the S, but I'll send u some screenshots tomorrow at

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Bro, the scenery is absolutely amazing! So immersive yet so calming.

thank you my guy


Wow,That's is beautiful! !

:) thank you


Beautiful. Thank you for this. How was it made exactly? Did you model your photos or is there some kind of photographic overlay composite for the entire thing?

One more question - i noticed a reviewer on steam had activated it by key. Do we get one from claiming it via itch?


you're welcome! there's no photographic overlay, I used a lot of assets that I found online and put everything together using reference photos. Here's an article with more info on how I built the game:
and yes, if you buy the vr version you'll also get a steam key

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Okay, so I just bought this on Steam, VR version. Congratulations to the developer. So few environments in VR and yet its exactly what VR is made for. I love the environment, the detail and the atmosphere. I left a review on Steam and I definitely recommend that people should try it. Unfortunately the detail only comes into play when you are very close to the objects (ie trees etc). Now I understand the need to maintain frame rates, but I would love to have some control over how far away objects have to be before they are rendered. At present it really takes away from the beauty of your environment. If at all possible can this this be made user adjustable? I'm also delighted to see that your other environments will be coming to VR. Can't wait. And again, thanks for this piece of art.


I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for leaving the steam review! I included some draw distance settings in the menu but unfortunatley it's only available on oculus. because the trees have so many polygons I have to make the view distance pretty short by default. but thanks for playing and i'm happy you came across my game!

Got the email saying that the VR version had been updated again, however I do not see any new patch notes for it.

Could you let me know what was updated?
Also if you have not done so already, do you plan to add Index controller support?

Just smaller changes on this one, I fixed some htc vive issues and added a new camera mode that you can use with both oculus and vive. also revamped the video settings so you can get a much higher framerate on lower view distances. I'd love to add index support but I don't have the hardware to test it, index doesn't even ship to australia :(

If you ever need someone to test things on the index for you, let me know. I'm sure it would be difficult to even develop for it without the equipment, but I would happy to help in what way I can.

Hopefully Index will start shipping your way soon.

dude  thank you, this would be so much help. I'd really love to get it working on index. can I get your email?


Does the application support eye-tracking? Experiencing it with a VR headset and eye-tracking to control the focal point could make the it appear even more natural than it does already.
Congratulation to this beautiful walking experience!

that's a neat idea, I'd mess around with it but I don't have an eye tracking headset to test it on. thanks for playing dude!

I play it (and most other first person games) with mouse-look/head tracking, using FreePIE. It's a bit fiddly getting it set up, but it should work with eye-tracking, too.


Beautiful and breathtakingly lifelike. Made me miss Japan all over again. Wonderful job♡♡♡

😊😊 really glad, thank you

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Wow! It's incredible! I went at the Fushimi Inari as a tourist and I saw someone play this game and I could recognize all of it! Obviously without the people, but it's very much life-like

thanks, I’m glad it was familiar to you

What is the Donator's Plaque in the fast travel menu. I'm trying to get into the path at the summit but can't enter until I unlock all fast travel locations and the Donator's Plaque is the last one.

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from the survey I did, about 30% of people found it. If you look near the shrines in the forest that seem inaccessible, you'll find a way around. My intention was for the rushed players to miss it, but I might consider making the path a little easier to find in the next update.

Oh alright, I'll give it another look cause now im curious again. Thanks.


that was completly beautifull, thaks for that experience.


you’re welcome


Can i get Soundtracks from this game? :D


it’s all under the ‘info’ section in the game menu. you can click on an artist’s name to open their spotify page in your browser

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Hi. I am Korean. I have a problem with this notice. I'll give you the correct sentence form, so I hope you put it this way.

"센본도리이 신사 기둥은 우측통행입니다"

In the sentence above, this part is red; 우측통행

(I was not good at English, so I used a translator.)


the english is also incorrect because that’s actually what’s written on the sign, but I think I made a mistake with the korean, I’ll change it later if I remember. thank you!


I went to the shrine on last October, though I feel something is a little bit off compare to the actual place (like nobody there), but still it's a lovely work. Though I kinda sad that I can't walk to explore through the front gate in this one. :P

Thank for your great works !


I guess it depends where you go on the mountain, If you walk past the summit there are barely any people, and I wanted my game to  represent the nice feeling you get when exploring somewhere alone. and I actually wanted to expand the map in that area but with the time I spent on this I absolutely couldn't make it any bigger lmao. thanks for playing!

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Is the map straight from physical one at the shrine?  I love that the QR code is functional.  Anyways, love the work dude, I visited this shrine a couple summers ago right after Gion Matsuri, so there were a lot of people and the vibe was completely different.  Checking this out has been great because it's such a new, calm experience in a place I still remember pretty well.  Great work!


haha I never tested the qr code myself but yes the map is from the real one at the shrine. super glad you enjoyed it man, thanks for playing


Thanks for the experience caves rd!


:) you're welcome


I'm gonna travel Kyoto in this October. Ticket's already been booked, and the place that I wanna go for the most is Inari shrine.
But now, I'm downloading your amazing idea and have just donated at a drop of a hat. This is Brilliant!.


!! thank you, I hope you enjoy the real place


This is amazing, and it is so great to be able to relive my memory of possibly the most beautiful place I've ever been in in VR!


damn this is a huge compliment, thank you


cant vr downloard


what problem are you having? you can email me if you like




haha I already know about this, will be fixed in the next build! 

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Hey developer! This looks really siiiick! Any chance of a native linux build of this game so we can enjoy the game too? :D


yeah it’s very possible! i’ll look into it


Hey man that's great to hear! Thanks for considering the linux crowd. Good luck with the endeavor!

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Great game, fun to walk around in. However one thing that bothered me a lot is that there is no toggle for motion blur, and no toggle for depth of field in first person mode. (also maybe a toggle to remove the grainy filter?) Is it possible for you to add that? I'll give you a few bucks if you do so, thanks :)

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I really value these visual effects, I think they make it much more realistic, I’m not going to remove them sorry :( I understand that in other games it might be distracting if you have an objective but that’s not the case here. i feel like having these options turned off just goes against the visual design of the game

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the issue is that these effects make the game run like crap on some computers, not that they are distracting

Edit: n u m b e r s

Typical FPS is <10. If these effects were off, at least 15-30, depending on current location in scene.

HW: Intel i7-3820QM x8 @2.70 GHz, turbos to 3.48 GHz

nVidia Quadro K2000M with 2 GB VRAM, VFRAM usage with game is 0.9 GB, so VRAM is not the issue


Changing GFX settings in the game doesn't have anny effect, as the only issue are the effects. Runs the exact same on lowest settings at 1080p as with them all the way up and at defaults.


I'm sorry for not posting the minimum specs, but the issue is definitely your graphics card. I'll include in the description that at least a GTX 1050 ti is required for 60fps. I just searched benchmarking for a K2000M card and it's at least 1/10th of the power of a GTX 1060 3GB, which is what I built the game on. I think the game still would run badly for you even without the visual effects. I could optimize for lower end cards like yours but it would take away from the visuals too much, which is sort of the foundation of this game.


I second the suggestion to add a motion blur toggle. I understand it's part of the experience you designed, but I get a little seasick from it and it prevents me from enjoying the environment you built.

Of course if it's difficult for you to add the setting I understand, after all you released the game for free. I just think it's a worthy addition to your settings which are otherwise pretty expansive :)


I'm sorry about that, for this reason i'd definitely want to have an option to remove it. but I also feel like that would have some negative implications, such as people who hate motion blur by habit will also disable it, then my game won't look the way it is intended for those people (even though they can handle it). maybe in the future i'll figure this out, thanks for trying to play the game anyway!


Well done. You nailed the atmosphere.

How long did it take for you to create this?


thanks so much! it took me about 3 months on and off

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Simply Brilliant. I literally loved the whole experience from start to end. The Camera UI was a nice touch . Recreating the place to this extent cannot be easy at all. Wonderful Work mate.


that’s super nice of you to say man. thank you


Looks absolutely amazing. Love the atmosphere you achieved here, and appreciate the work that went into recreating this beautiful place. 

I always like things like this that immerse you in a compelling and well-realized setting. I am trying to do the same sort of thing with a lot of my currently ongoing projects such as 'Miniature Multiverse' which has some fairly easy puzzles and a bit of story but mostly is just my attempt to allow players to explore interesting imaginative game worlds! 


thank you man! just checked out your project and I like the words you've written, it's a nice idea! can take so long to put those kinds of things together tho

Yeah. No kidding. Making a series of immersive and substantial 3d spaces, with VR support even, like what you've done, must have been a ton of work. But the result's impressive.

Does the VR version work with the vive wand controllers?

it does, and you can still explore, but there's some limited functionality with controls because I haven't been able to test it properly.

hey man any plans to expand this or cover more japanese landmarks, love it.


probably won't expand on this because it feels complete enough to me. and yes I'm considering some other locations, and maybe switching up the season. not sure what the next project will be though

I visited Fushimi Inari many times, and it is always packed with tourist. The atmosphere in this game let me feel the ideal Fushimi Inari. Next time, do Arashiyama bamboo forest or Ginkakuji philosopher's path during sakura peak. This is exciting.


glad you could recognise the atmosphere! yeah these are all on the table 👍🏻

Hey i wanted to know where the photos that i clicked with in-game camera is saved too?

it should be in the in game menu, under the info section. but I believe it’s c:/user/appdata/local/fushimiinari?

cool thanks. but beautiful work, its eye candy for me ;)

Wonderful experience


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