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With photos and memories from a few years ago, I set out to achieve a detailed, realistically designed recreation of the renowned Japanese shrine, Fushimi Inari Taisha. I feel like the real place has a very culturally unique significance, I personally had a great time exploring it a few years ago. I've designed this environment to be experienced from a first person perspective, with the aim of allowing the player to be immersed in the same kind of atmosphere as the real place.

(engine / photo comparison)

The map is very extensive to explore with shrine gates laid out over the entire mountainside. I've tried to include a lot of variance in different parts of the mountain, with lots of points of interest to discover and many branching/intertwining paths to encourage you to make choices with your exploration. Take photos with the in-game camera, customize the soundtrack, walk around at your own pace. There is a checklist of locations to find as well as some hidden areas, and also a small ending.

I feel thankful that higher fidelity 3d environments have become more achievable by everyone, and not only AAA game developers. I had a blast creating this project and feel like it's really improved my skills with unreal engine. hope you enjoy exploring
- Matt

- Explore the Shrine in VR!  ($4, still in beta)
If you own a VR headset, you can immerse yourself even more in the world with the VR compatible version I've built. I was happily surprised with how well the scene runs in virtual reality, the quality is almost on par with the desktop version and it still runs great. everything from the desktop version is here, only you explore using teleportation with your motion controllers. Donate $4 or more to get access to this version,  I'm looking to update it soon with more features like locomotion walking and a physical in-game camera.
*designed for oculus rift, compatible with vive but includes a few limitations, not yet supported for gamepad.

If you feel like giving some feedback or helping me improve the game, I made this short form to fill out.
thanks in advance !

Check out my other exploration game set in New Zealand:

If you can't donate, checking out my socials helps just as much. 
follow me @cavesrd on instagram for info about new scenes
scene showcases and music on youtube 
contact info and everything else on my website

This runs well on most pc's but i'd recommend at least a GTX1050ti to reach 60fps.
I made this project on my own, using a couple of sources for some game assets, such as quixel megascans, the unreal marketplace, and the book of the dead demo by unity.
The music was selected from some of my favourite artists, you can find all of their info in the game menus, including spotify links.


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Fushimi Inari.zip 734 MB
Fushimi Inari VR.zip 739 MB
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I'm gonna travel Kyoto in this October. Ticket's already been booked, and the place that I wanna go for the most is Inari shrine.
But now, I'm downloading your amazing idea and have just donated at a drop of a hat. This is Brilliant!.

!! thank you, I hope you enjoy the real place


This is amazing, and it is so great to be able to relive my memory of possibly the most beautiful place I've ever been in in VR!


damn this is a huge compliment, thank you

cant vr downloard

what problem are you having? you can email me mattcvsrd@gmail.com if you like


haha I already know about this, will be fixed in the next build! 

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Hey developer! This looks really siiiick! Any chance of a native linux build of this game so we can enjoy the game too? :D


yeah it’s very possible! i’ll look into it


Hey man that's great to hear! Thanks for considering the linux crowd. Good luck with the endeavor!

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Great game, fun to walk around in. However one thing that bothered me a lot is that there is no toggle for motion blur, and no toggle for depth of field in first person mode. (also maybe a toggle to remove the grainy filter?) Is it possible for you to add that? I'll give you a few bucks if you do so, thanks :)


I really value these visual effects, I think they make it much more realistic, I’m not going to remove them sorry :( I understand that in other games it might be distracting if you have an objective but that’s not the case here. I don’t see any point in disabling them to help only a small minority of people

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the issue is that these effects make the game run like crap on some computers, not that they are distracting

Edit: n u m b e r s

Typical FPS is <10. If these effects were off, at least 15-30, depending on current location in scene.

HW: Intel i7-3820QM x8 @2.70 GHz, turbos to 3.48 GHz

nVidia Quadro K2000M with 2 GB VRAM, VFRAM usage with game is 0.9 GB, so VRAM is not the issue


Changing GFX settings in the game doesn't have anny effect, as the only issue are the effects. Runs the exact same on lowest settings at 1080p as with them all the way up and at defaults.

I'm sorry for not posting the minimum specs, but the issue is definitely your graphics card. I'll include in the description that at least a GTX 1050 ti is required for 60fps. I just searched benchmarking for a K2000M card and it's at least 1/10th of the power of a GTX 1060 3GB, which is what I built the game on. I think the game still would run badly for you even without the visual effects. I could optimize for lower end cards like yours but it would take away from the visuals too much, which is sort of the foundation of this game.

Well done. You nailed the atmosphere.

How long did it take for you to create this?

thanks so much! it took me about 3 months on and off

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Simply Brilliant. I literally loved the whole experience from start to end. The Camera UI was a nice touch . Recreating the place to this extent cannot be easy at all. Wonderful Work mate.

that’s super nice of you to say man. thank you

Looks absolutely amazing. Love the atmosphere you achieved here, and appreciate the work that went into recreating this beautiful place. 

I always like things like this that immerse you in a compelling and well-realized setting. I am trying to do the same sort of thing with a lot of my currently ongoing projects such as 'Miniature Multiverse' which has some fairly easy puzzles and a bit of story but mostly is just my attempt to allow players to explore interesting imaginative game worlds! 

thank you man! just checked out your project and I like the words you've written, it's a nice idea! can take so long to put those kinds of things together tho

Yeah. No kidding. Making a series of immersive and substantial 3d spaces, with VR support even, like what you've done, must have been a ton of work. But the result's impressive.

Does the VR version work with the vive wand controllers?

it does, and you can still explore, but there's some limited functionality with controls because I haven't been able to test it properly.

hey man any plans to expand this or cover more japanese landmarks, love it.

probably won't expand on this because it feels complete enough to me. and yes I'm considering some other locations, and maybe switching up the season. not sure what the next project will be though

I visited Fushimi Inari many times, and it is always packed with tourist. The atmosphere in this game let me feel the ideal Fushimi Inari. Next time, do Arashiyama bamboo forest or Ginkakuji philosopher's path during sakura peak. This is exciting.

glad you could recognise the atmosphere! yeah these are all on the table 👍🏻

Hey i wanted to know where the photos that i clicked with in-game camera is saved too?

it should be in the in game menu, under the info section. but I believe it’s c:/user/appdata/local/fushimiinari?

cool thanks. but beautiful work, its eye candy for me ;)

Wonderful experience