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It's a great game, but I can't save my progress after I have finished the game.

I figured there actually isn't much progress to save so I didn't include it, but I'm thinking of adding an option to visit the alternate sunset scene from the menu after it's been unlocked

Glad to hear that. I'd love to walk in the game from time to time. And  I have to say that your work is the most wonderful art pieces I've ever seen. It makes me feel connected to some places and shows me another fantastic world. I have recommended your games to all my friends, and they are all shocked by such great art. Thank you for all your work.

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please do! same with the alternate maps for the other games!!

Sad that it cost's money to play in vr. I'm broke af. I'll definitely find a couple spare bucks lying around and pick it up.

you can get it for free for the next 14 hours! just click ' no thanks, take me to the downloads'

I'm afraid this doesn't seem to be working. You have to claim the game to an account in order to download at all, and when I do so, only the regular version is listed, not the VR version.


working now! it was some issue with, sorry about that

Hey, I claimed the game while it was free but I wasn't aware of the VR version issue would you mind adding it to my account?

I have the same experience as Sergio: It doesn't seem to be possible to download the VR version for free.

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Hi Caves, unfortunately the VR edition/DLC is missing from the Downloads section. 

It's up again!

Merci d'avoir mis gratuit. J'ai commencé à jouer et c'est très réaliste. La clé est juste une empreinte. Je ne peux la trouver. Est-ce parce que je n'ai pas de casque VR ?

you have to take all the photos on the board to unlock the nearby gate


I Love Iceland People! (Beautiful) | Mýrdalssandur, Iceland

Great Work Devs - Please Make More Soon... This Is Very Therapeutic Indeed...
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When is this playable on Steam?

I have it on my wishlist because it looks great!

But will it cost? If so how much? 

Please make it free xD


out on steam for free now!

This was nice but it really lagged my PC lol. Too beautiful.

thanks for playing dude, this was so good to watch. hope your area wasn't damaged by the fires

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Will there be a Mac version?


unfortunatley not, sorry! most macs don't have very good graphics

Changelog maybe? 

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I figured it wasn't worth posting, I fixed an issue with the ending background not appearing and added a 'quit' option in the menu.
edit: just added a changelog about the VR fixes if that's what you were waiting for!

Can you take pictures in game? If so how? Thank you


you have to find the camera in the game first! patience will also help you find other hidden parts of the game, just take it slow

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Beautiful and pleasant location. Well done. PS: apparently inspired by the Death Stranding )))

thanks for playing! I haven't actually played death stranding yet, but it's also inspired by iceland


i really wish there was a mac version :(

I wish too :(

Me three. 

me four... will this ever be available to Mac users?

no, the creator stated there wouldnt because macs dont tend to have good graphics

do you often play games on mac? if so, which games?

To your point, many macs dont play games well (as you stated). I had a beefed up macbook pro 2019 ($4500) and I could play fornite, but it only got around 40fps. I had a 5k iMac that I played rocket league on, but that was about it. I have a PC for playing games. I've seen some games played on mac, but even in 2020, they just don't perform well enough to get a good experience. With the realism effect you're going for, I honestly don't think it would be worth the effort to try to get it to work on macs since they wont be able to push that quality anyway. 

yes I completley agree! my games are mostly built on the visual fidelity so I think without it the game would lose most of it's value

Seeing this I can see how much inspiration Death Stranding took from Iceland's geography, despite being set in America for some reason.

do you have to have a Rift or a Rift  s to play it in VR or can you use a oculus Quest

you can play it with a pc using link, but not with the headset on it's own

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What is the changelog for the update that was uploaded yesterday? Regarding the issue with water being white on outer edges in VR and image mismatch, I know what setting turns it on - antialiasing set to off or low. This problem is visible in this place (not this image per se, it's your promo image) 

Basically when water is more or less dark, edges will be bright and they will stood out.  Regarding mismatch - with anti-aliasing set to off, sometimes land patches in the distance will have different fog opacity, and water about 10m away from viewpoint might have very different brightness for each eye. Maybe that's connected to screen space reflections that you use, which limitations are very visible when looking up and down on water.

On low LOD settings, some objects like rocks or flowers will be rendered only for one eye. 

Regarding vignette when turning - it seems to be connected to ASW, when I hold 90fps it's not visible.

Is it possible to add fixed weather conditions in menu? I would like to travel around whole place in similar weather, right now it changes every minute or so.

If you set flat screen version's FOV to 70, resolution to 0.5 and view distance to 0.2 and go to that big river mentioned earlier, you will see this bug with bright edges too. Screenshot:

dude I really really appreciate that you took the time to find the source of some of these problems! but unfortunatley because most of them are an attempt to save performance, I don't know if I have much of a choice. I might try messing around with the opacity of the water to try and fix the mismatch, but everything else I think I have to keep. also do you have a rift or rift S?

Rift CV1.

I downloaded the Iceland pack and when trying to open the Iceland.exe after I had extracted it, it would always say ''DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine.''

I checked websites and after updating all my drivers, getting all Windows Updates and checking that my DirectX supports the 10.0 feature level it would still pop the same message.

Any idea on how to solve this problem?

type dxdiag into your search bar and make sure that it says 'directx 11'
if not then search google for 'microsoft c++ redistributables 2013' and give that a download

game looks awesome but how do i run it? I tried to run "iceland.exe" with  the run app on windows 10 but it says it cant find it. I'm fairly new to computer stuff so please excuse my ignorance.


that's no problem! make sure you find where you downloaded the file and try right click> extract all. after that it should work!


Really nice and relaxing. loved the visuals, sound effects and soundtrack    :)



how do you bring up the camera, i have pressed every key and none of them seem to work



you have to find the camera first, its on the beach

find the camera first.

Hi! This looks super cool, and I would love to try the vr version. I'm just a bit afraid, as I bought your fushimi inari thing and that didn't work with my pc for some reason (even though I am on a rift S)

send me an email

 like this project. I was sadly unable to make the controller work with WMR and steamVR... any tips for me ?

I just updated the game with steamvr support, please let me know if it works!

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Not for now, I'll try to link the right keys in the steamVR software. Thanks for trying.

I'm too dumb to make it work. I'll take any tips (anyone ?) but i'm not in a urge, i'm sure someone will have the solution.

I am absolutely in love with this game. I just downloaded every thing you've made so far and im really excited to see what you come up with next! As a photographer I feel like this game is really helping me increase my skills :)

I am however having trouble with figuring out how to use the DOP feature.  I am new to windows and im not sure which controls do which for focusing.  Any help would be appreciated! :)

hey thanks so much for the support! you can change the depth of field with the mouse scroll wheel if that's what you're reffering to? or you an turn it off completley with the middle mouse button

Hey, so the game works fine and everything but is there anyway to reduce the graphics of the game? I'm playing on windows 8 so... yea my potato laptop can only get up to 10 frames or so. Appreciate your time and dedication to this!


yes there are video settings in the menu! press enter/esc to bring it up

I was wondering if you have any plans to support WMR

I definitley do, but progress is slow because I don't have a headset to test it on

Amazing game! My only suggestion would be that you make the world a bit more explorable. When i try to go in a certain direction, often times the game will cut me off and place me back to an earlier spot. The game also has a lot of invisible walls, which is fine, the game needs to end somewhere, but a lot of them are in confusing places, like on top of random rocks and in between paths, not allowing me to access the other path unless i go all the way around. I feel that the additional exploration could allow for some very unique experiences and photos. If thats not possible, thats ok! Its still already one of my favorite games of this year. No joke! But if it is possible, please add it. It would make me adore the game even more than i already do!

hey, I also love the idea but adding new areas is so much more work. with the amount of time i've spent on this I just feel like the game is complete enough as it is, and even if I open up the map more there will still be more invisible walls/boundaries. hopefully i'll make the next games a bit bigger

it says file forbidden when i try to download it

Did you ever get that fixed. I am having the same issue

I'm not sure, I haven't heard of this problem anywhere else so it might be on your end

I've tried running this game on vr but it just says loading and just lets me play only on my computer and not my vive vr 

make sure you've downloaded the right version!

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whenever i open it, steam vr opens (even though i didn't download the vr version), the screen is black, and the game closes before I can even close steam vr. I there a way to fix this? i'd love to try the game. 

not sure, and I don't know how to get rid of steam vr. do you get any errors when the game closes? maybe just let steamvr run in the background anyway

Extremely impressive environment. I loved walking around and seeing the sights. You should not be letting people play this for free, it's way too good.

I was ready for this to just be a walking simulator and nothing else but the fact you even put an ending and some goals was great. Taking pictures of the environment was a good touch.

I did have some issues with it though:

- The first time I used the settings menu was after I reached the end. When I tried to close the menu, the mouse wouldn't go away until I messed with the menu some more. I was also able to modify settings without the menu being open, it seems like the sliders and buttons don't actually go away when you close the menu.

- The giant green mountain that you see when going through the grass looked like a billboard to me.

- If you go to a location near the top of the waterfall and look out on the rest of the map nothing is loaded. (this was before I changed the default render distance)

- I was able to get past some invisible walls to areas that were not detailed.

- The water both near the waterfall and at the shallow area seem to flow in unnatural directions

- I was able to see the map end in some locations

- You have some buttons on the quit/info screen that don't actually do anything but can still be selected.

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hey thanks for giving this feedback it's super helpful. for the ones that I can respond to,
- the quit screen buttons indicate whether or not you want to open the page when you exit the game
- whereabouts in the map did you escape past the invisible walls?
some of these things I can't really change but i'll do my best for the ones that I can fix!

I would upload the screenshot of the area I saw but the file is too large.

I was able to get past the walls in a space right after leaving the large open water area. (the exit near where you get the camera). If you go to the left after leaving that exit you can climb over rocks and the game wont force you back. I was able to see a a space with no ground details.

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I've been struggling to open the game. What file am i supposed to open and how? Please help the game looks awersome :)

When i open it it tries to open Steam VR but i just want to play the non-VR version

extract the zip then just run iceland.exe, it should just work from there you can ignore steamvr

Im a little confused. I extracted it but, how do i run it? I dont see an option for it.


hey i saw your video on tiktok and had to try the game out. i really loved the immersive experience, i know you probably have this in mind, but i think multiplayer would be a really good addition tot he game. especially because exploring gives you a lot of memories and you'd want to share them with  someone. 

yeah I agree with you! I just don't know what to make the character models look like

Hey caves rd, your maps are brilliant, I have a suggestion though, IF you are planning to do another map, like the other maps which places in the real world that are also scenic, you should check out the any of the Bavarian forests, they are stunning and would hold great opportunities for photos(you could even add in a cute Bavarian village) i am even willing to pay $50 Image result for bavarian forestsImage result for german forests

this plus  story based game-play would be really fun! i would even want to fund this.

I would love to do it man but I want to finish the projects i'm working on first!

ok ok, just a genuine question. how many projects r u doing currently,

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how do you take a photo in the vr version?

Blown away so far

there is a tutorial that comes up if you press B on oculus or up on the vive touchpad

This game is amazing! I am so blown away. How do I take a picture tho? Keep up the great work

you have to find the camera in the world first


how do you take a photo?

you have to find the camera in the world first


I'm from Iceland and I can say that this is absolutely stunning, amazing detail and runs surprisingly well on my 1070.


I saw this on your tiktok! It looks really nice, and I hope you keep making new games!

thanks! I should have more coming really soon

The game looks great, I was just wondering if the VR version is going to be free?


I'm just gonna reply for the creator, if you want the vr version you need to pay 4$ or more, basically pay the price you think it deserves


saw this on your tiktok lol, this game is honetly so beautiful and the time you put into it is sooo underated.. i look forward to your future of developing

thanks so much :)


My best compliments*** Only for Windows platform?

yes unfortunatley, I don't own a mac so I can't package that version



I think finding a Mac to use and package this on would be soooo worth it, I want to play this so bad on Mac!!!


Agreed, would love to see a Mac version!

It looks like you put some work into this one!
Can't wait to play it!

thanks, let me know what you think!

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