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Castle Rock Beach, West Australia on Steam

Experience a realistically inspired recreation of Australia's south west coast. Explore the world at your own pace and use the game's photography mechanics to progress with casual objectives. Contains some of the latest visual tech provided by Unreal Engine 4.

Some Extra Reccomendations:
- Personalise the soundtrack! Feel free to pause the in-game music and play your own in the background.
- The VR version is a great way to be immersed in the world but I'd still recommend the desktop version as the best way to experience the game.
- Try to avoid looking for online guides if you're feeling impatient. Often what you're looking for will only take a few extra minutes to discover.

Features an extensive soundtrack courtesy of Chillhop Music!

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Get this environment and 3 more for $8.99 USD
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I love this game on Windows, could you please make a Linux Version of it?

I'll consider it, does the windows version not work on linux?

This is beautiful and I love the idea, but I wish there were control options for smooth turning, headset oriented movement, and not having to hold a button to sprint. It's also quite annoying how the controller's pitch influences movement speed, so you have to hold the controller exactly level if you want to move at full speed.

If you added these control options, I'd definitely buy the whole bundle.

noted! thanks


Real pleasure playing it, goddamn nice 👍👍👍


this isn't a game
it's art
and I'm not joking, this is absolutely gorgeous. It's pure art.

thank you!


I congratulate you to this achievement, Matt! What a beautiful atmosphere, so calm and relaxing, everything draws me in and brings me to another place, thousands of miles away. It feels so realistic, the sound design is doing a great job to create this experience too. Your games are always something very special, something to be experienced like a cup of exquisite tea. Everything fits so perfectly together to create this illusion (Wagner's term of the "Gesamtkunstwerk" comes to my mind). Especially in chaotic times like these such a game is a real treasure and helps me to clear my mind. It's like a form of meditation for me. I thank you profoundly for this!

😭😭 thank you so much

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I barely launched it and i already know this will be my favourite one. I absolutely love all your works. The new music collab sounds great as well. Keep it up man! I'd love to see you work with a gamemaking studio one day possibly and make a puzzle/walking simulator game together. 

EDIT: And I've finished it. HOLY CRAP. The experience was amazing, finding the camera took me more time than doing the photos (in fact, i got 5 out of 6 before finding the photo board!), and then i walked through the gate... and what I found there was FREAKING INCREDIBLE. The second mode is AMAZING. I love it sooooo much!!! 

PS: I took a picture in the secret mode (after clearing out the photo board) and i heard the *ding*...? Is there more to do? Anymore secrets, drone, dream mode, anything?


thanks so much man! glad you liked this one
yes there's another photo board ((if you go to the campfire when it's sunset))

OOOH i gotta find that one tomorrow.


any news about game release?

im itching to explore your works!!


tomorrow! :)


yayaya just saw ur notif on YT

its gonna be free wow cant wait 


Looking forward to it! Love your worlds.




I admire your work, it is good to see how it improves over time, have you considered implementing nvidia rtx for more realism?

(1 edit) (+1)

raytracing is cool but for most purposes it just tanks the framerate, which isn't worth the visual quality bump compared to normal lighting/reflection methods (imo)

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It looks incredible, can't wait to play it!!!

Good to see a official collaboration with Chillhop Music, keep it up man